As the crisis in Ukraine continues, so does ShelterBox's response to this devastating conflict. 
I have just returned from Moldova where I was part of the response team working to support families both in Ukraine as well as those who have fled to neighbouring countries. I met with many families in Moldova who left their homes with nothing more than what they could carry. Some had to walk up to 80 kilometers to cross the border to safety. Many had leave family members behind. It is an incredibly devastating situation.
I also had the opportunity to speak with amazing Rotarians who are providing assistance to ShelterBox in the midst of this crisis. We have been liaising with Rotary and Rotaract leadership and members. We have been working with District 2231 and RI Director Katarine Kotsalis as well as the presidents from the Rotary e-club if Moldova International the Rotary Club of Chisinau Triumph and the Rotary Club of Svetlana Ciubuc. Their local knowledge and connections have been vital to ensuring ShelterBox reaches those who would not otherwise receive aid. 
Rotarians here in Canada have also played a vital role in reaching the most vulnerable. You have put the partnership into action with all of your amazing support. Generous donations, media connections, fundraisers, and spreading awareness have all made an incredible and impactful difference to families affected by this crisis. Thank you so much for everything that you do in your Clubs and in your communities. Your continued dedication to putting service above self has meant that so many more families will receive the aid they need. 
Thank you,
Executive Director
ShelterBox Canada